Saturday, December 12, 2009

A drink for Christmas

I wish we could spend Christmas together with some family (mine make boeuf bourgignon), and sit by the fire (they have a fireplace) and look at the snow falling outside (mine have loads of that, they live in Québec and you'll have to shovel your car out in the morning).

All I'm missing for Christmas is you. I've overheated my Amsterdam flat, I'm sitting on the floor at my turntable wearing something burgundy, sipping champagne and hoarsely singing along to music. Joyeux Noël, mon chéri, je t'embrasse and let's finally get together in 2010.

When I saw a Christmas album called Un martini pour Noël a few years back, I had to check it out. This song is a classic translation of Winter Wonderland, yet another English-language Christmas song written by people who have never even see an Inuk and uses the word 'Eskimo' which is a big no-no in Canada.