Sunday, December 07, 2014

Blow your French punk cover

Need to blow off some steam after your uptight French family has taken all the traditional jabs at your job, fashion sense and choice of friends at the table again? Crank up this Tino Rossi cover loud enough to drown out their pretentious bullshit, tell them “JE VOUS EMMERDE !”, grab a turkey drumstick for a mike and get your Doc Martens and kilt-clad self on the Christmas dinner table and channel your inner punker, BORDEL!

Les Pink Lady from La Daguenière, France are a bunch of fun-loving male punkers that dress all in pink to match their skirts and their gear. Their Christmas album ‘Les Pink Lady chantent Noël’ could very well be that perfect stocking or mouth stuffer for your entire chauvinistic snail and garlic eating clan.

Spicy: Les Pink Lady - Petit papa noel

Original: Tino Rossi - Petit papa noel