Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 15!

Happy 2015! From the CaGG Team: thanks for visiting this blog, commenting on our posts, making songs, trading mixes, enjoying the weird and wonderful world of Christmas songs. Hope to see you back in November. Until then:


Lie In The Sound said...

Happy New Year!

Brigitte xxx

Stubby said...

Every New Year's, I think of one of my favorite holiday songs that no one else likes--MCM's "BrighterDaze".

"Things have gotta get better cause they can't get worse"

2014 was a mutha. I am not sorry to see it go.


kevinpat said...

Thank you for all the great music. Your site had become a part of my holiday season. I looked forward every morning to listening to something new and seasonal. In the background with family around my Christmas mixes played with much of the tracks I discovered here. So thanks! And I look forward to next season! I'll be here. Happy health new year!!

Unknown said...

I visit you guys every year, so keep it up! Thanks for all the Christmas tune recommendations!