Thursday, December 11, 2014

Belgian anarchistic punk features death, Tintin and Santa

Everybody needs a bit of anarchist Walloon Christmas music in their lives, right? The band René Binamé gives us some nice crunchy guitar to bite into in a song entitled ‘Le Père Noël est un Bordure’, referring to the made up European nation of Bordurie from the Tintin books. They call it a ‘Syldavian folk song’, referring to the made up European nation of Syldavie that fights with Bordurie, presumably modelled on Eastern Europe, giving the song some boiled cabbage infused punk cred. And if that wasn’t clever enough, the song is also a play on words of the cult Christmas French film ‘Le Père Noël est une ordure’ ('Santa Claus is a bastard’), which I highly recommend.

René Binamé - Le Père Noël est un Bordure