Sunday, December 11, 2011

Soul of Christmas

As you may have noticed, the CAGG-crew loves black music, and Bandcamp. So when we bump into soulful xmas tunes on that great platform, we post 'm asap. John Black is a former Fishbone- and Miles Davis-sideman, who recorded this seasonal EP with covers and self-penned, bluesey songs.

The GED-label is a purveyor of fine soulful tunes, their seasonal comp features heroes like DeRobert & the Half-Truths.

Grillade. Never heard of before, but their Just a Sad Christmas song is D E E P.

And finally, 'name your price' for this in fact nostalgic soulful Christmas song by, yes, The Nostalgics (no, not a cover of the Long Blondes track with the same title)

You rather hear something snotty and loud? Go here.