Thursday, December 08, 2011

An alto collab Christmas

Nothing but great talents on this one. Stumbled upon it through Guuz and Arja's Perfect Feist Inspired Playlist. Beck + Wilco + Jamie Lidell + Feist = Awesome.

By the way, this is a cover of Skip Spence, better known as Jefferson Airplane's drummer. The original is worth your time, too:


Anonymous said...

A fine song, but other than the odd claim in the Intro (by Beck?), how is this a Christmas song? There's no seasonal reference at all that I can discern.

Gijs Wilbrink said...

No seasonal reference, but this song's message has "Christmas spirit" written all over it. Besides implicit references like drumming drummers I think the phrases "Freedom is ringing all 'round the world" and "Little
Children are sharing, Little loves loving, all little boys and girls" are very typical for a Christmas song. So I don't think Beck's claim was that far-fetched at all. But from now on maybe I should stick to songs that explicitly mention Christmas. snow and cradles so the search for the Christmas spirit shouldn't take us as long as it did with this one ;)