Thursday, December 01, 2011

Santa's Soul & Funk Christmas Party

The one compilation I was dying to hear, fell on my doormat today. And as it goes with things you want real bad, it's a bit of a letdown. The guys behind the Tramp-reissuelabel compiled a bunch of funky, soulful and hard to find Christmas songs from the 60s (bar two) by no-names like Detroit Junior and Rose Graham. Now, I love vinyl, I really dig the cracks and pops of an old black plate. But when you put vinyl to cd, you can do a better job then the Tramp-guys did for this comp. The sound is distorted, wobbles and is unbalanced. Could be that the source-records sound exactly like that, but I have a version of Gary Walker's Santa's Got a Brand New Bag (from a blog) that sounds waaay better then the one on the Tramp compilation. Be advised!
That said, there isn't a bad track on SS&FCP. The season never sounded so soulful

Lee Rogers - You won't have to wait till Xmas


Funkychristmas said...

Hi Guuzburg,

I am sorry, that you have not been fully convinced by the compilation to say it like that. If you have not seen it yet, here is some more information on the compilation including a video as well as a DJ mix for Paris Djs that you might like personally or even might like to post for your followers:

All the best, Jan Kohlmeyer (Compiler)
PS: We have sent emails vice-versa a year ago or so when I wanted to contribute to your blog but there had been too many administrators at that time.