Sunday, January 03, 2021

Christmas, not in December (3)

Final post in a series on songs about Christmas (or mentioning Christmas) not set in December. We had the first half of the year, including summer, plus June and July, so here's the rest of the year.

No clue what this is about, but it sounds nice with the choir, gentle indie pop from 2018:
Dutch rocker JP den Tex from 2012, with a song about a relationship gone sour:
Irish folk, very christmassy, from 2016:
Maybe if your from Seattle, you'll understand:
Very good song about Christmas coming real early (from 2008):
Just can't wait for Christmas (on ukelele, from 2015):
Same vibe, but as a happy indie rock song: (2013) 'I'm not a scrooge I just can't get used to Christmas in November'
Dreamy indie, good 80s vibe (from 2014):
Handkerchiefs ready? Slim Pickens is singing about a dad who's son isn't going to make it past Christmas (from 1980):
Do we really need Christmas in November? Hmm..
OK, well, maybe not, from 2020: