Friday, January 01, 2021

Christmas, not in December (1)

Every day is Christmas, to quote either Sia or Charles Bradley. In the past years, I've posted several songs in which Christmas celebrations were moved to another month (than December, obviously). In this series, I want to take a look at Christmas songs, or songs that mention Christmas, not set in December. Recenlty, those song were covid-themed, i.e. 'if we cannot celebrate it now, we'll do it next summer'. Best example, this track by Joe Mitchell:

Celebrating Christmas in summer is a real thing, as this article on the origins shows. Of course, songrwriters took that as a starting point for a song:

"You and I are about as finished as a Christmas tree in June", Lauren sings in a gentle folksy track
From 2020, and actually awesome, this song by Alex the Astronaut, who uses CiJ as an expression of getting really lucky:
From 2018, posted earlier here, a song about homesickness and wanting to celebrate Christmas in better temperatures:
A spy movie-soundtrack with a long intro that fades in a loungy Carpenters-like duet, from 2010:
You were waiting for this one, weren't you? From 2006:
Grrrreat indie by Teflon Beast (love that organ):
Schmaltzy waltzing about waiting, "cause waiting for you is waiting on Christmas in July" (2020):
Funny, oddly groovy track about Yuletide in summer, from 2013:
Dunno if the kid in the back wailing was intentional, it sure is charming (catchy song too) from 2020:
How 'bout some foul-mouthing, blackfaced Christmas punks? Somewhat related, the shortlived duo Christmas in July (=Adrianne Lenker & Buck Meek) who made a seasonal covers EP in 2012. This is Howard Blake's Walking in the air: