Thursday, November 13, 2014

Jazz Christmas

Just read this great piece about groovy Christmas music on FaLaLaLaLa. I'd never heard of the jazz albums mentioned in the post. Whoa, great stuff! I found a reasonably priced copy of that Duke Pearson vinyl album, and bought it. Now I want those other ones too. I mean, jus' listen to Don Patterson groovin' away on Jingle Bells:

Or Bobby Timmons!:


The King of Jingaling said...

I'm glad to turn you onto those albums. Maybe if we drum up enough interest somebody will give them a proper remastering and re-release.

tobias said...

Hi there. I was checking out your website and was surprised to find some jazz xmas music that I've never heard!. I am an indie jazz guy from NYC. I have always loved Christmas music and specifically the Vince Gauraldi/Charlie Brown stuff. So I went on to make a record that fits in nicely with that music (jazz piano trio) with my band Trio West. Would you by any chance be open to listening and maybe consider adding to your blog if you think it's worthy? - thanks and happy ho ho! :)
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