Friday, November 07, 2014

Christmas singles

AAAAAAAAAaaaaand we're back! Excited to share, and singalong to the newest, weirdest, funniest, bestest Christmas tunes out there. Especially looking forward to the upcoming X-mas EP by Dutch singer Stevie Ann. More on that later.

Some of our Christmas-blogging friends already kicked off, as they should. Stubby's on a roll, of course.

Christmas Underground brings this good news:
Its official. I just received word from Robert over at the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club (SCSC), and we’ve got 2 new singles for 2014! Hannah Peel and Nancy Wallace (both from the UK) are this year’s lineup, with the same format as last year – one original and one cover. They will be limited to 500 copies, and are pressed on snow-white vinyl.

And somehow we missed out on this GREAT news: BILL MURRAY will sing CHRISTMAS CAROLS!