Monday, November 21, 2011

Joyeux Noël, ma gang de sans-dessein !

Here's a cover of 1970s close harmony folk-rock bank Beau Dommage's '23 décembre' played by the brother of modern rocker Éric Lapointe (aka 'the brother of') Hugo Lapointe, trying hard to really break into the business. You can click here to hear the original version with lyrics. Typical Québec words to watch out for are: - frette (froid, slang) = cold - tuque = a wool cap - ti-cul = an affectionate name for a small child (= little bum) - sans-dessein, a very 1970s word for 'dumbass'. In the end, the boy in the story wants a new hockey stick for Christmas because he sold his for a picture of a naked girl with her back to the camera hiding her bum with her hands. He calls himself a 'sans-dessein'. Sex and religion, a great Québec tradition. The production added some traditional Québec foot tapping, usually done by the fiddler, sitting down on a chair and basically tap dancing on a slanted board at their feet.


Guillaume said...

Oh thank you for uploading this one! I looooove 23 décembre! I grew up listening to it.