Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jingle bells, the SuperNote version

The idea is simple: ask a bunch of people to record a video of them singing just one note and edit all these notes together to form the melody of any given song. Of course a project like that needs a fance name: SuperNote.

According to these rules a SuperNote is "a vocal note. It is NOT a growl, grunt, or gargle-ly sound like the girl from Grudge made. That kind of thing might be called a “glottal” sound. A glottal sound isn’t musical in nature, it’s more percussive. If your note flirts with this low grunting sound, you will likely be disqualified."

So there you have it, the SuperNote version of Jingle Bells:


Anonymous said...

Very interesting version of Jingle Bells.

Top Christmas Cards said...

SuperNote is a fun version to use for this. I really enjoyed it.