Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tracking down snow trails

Inspired by all the beautiful snow in The Netherlands, as if I was in Québec temporarily -- a true cosmic gift, I give you a party cover of Les Classels' 'Le sentier de neige' ('The snow trail'), done in traditional Québec style by La Volée d'Castors.

This is a picture I took about seven years ago on the isolated island l'île d'Orléans in Québec, with the Mont Saint Anne ski area in the background. Notice how even in winter the road is well kept. The driver was Dutch and spent Christmas discovering what minus 25 celsius was really all about.

(Rough translation with a dash of poetic licence and corrected for the unilateral point of view)

The snowflakes covered your hair
And the pale moon kept us warm
I told you 'I love you' in the silent woods
You smiled coyly and walked on

La volée d'castors - Le sentier de neige