Thursday, December 16, 2010

Renaud wants to punch out Black Santa

French rocker Renaud provides sarcastic social commentary like only he can in his reggae rendition of Le Père Noël Noir ('Black Santa Claus'). Written in some serious Parisian argot, he's totally unimpressed by this Black Santa and wants to punch the daylights out of him.

This Black Santa is an ex French colony black person from like Martinique or Guadeloupe (in argot a DOM-TOM), this time around he's a freeloading SOB who damages the house and the chimney, steals, drinks Renaud's booze 'like a Polack' and smokes his 'herbes de Provence'. The lyrics 'Petit Papa Noël, toi qu'est descendu du ciel' is straight from Tino Rossi's traditional French song, Petit Papa Noël.

You may have seen Renaud (right) in the American film Crime Spree (2003) with the likes of Gérard Depardieu, Harvey Keitel and fellow singer and actor Johnny Hallyday (left). Both gangsters annoy each other with music on the radio, but they are in fact dissing each other's music in real life, something many people didn't know.

Renaud - Le Père Noël Noir