Wednesday, December 08, 2010


La fille du père Noël (Santa's daughter) isn't exactly an atmospherical Christmas song, it struts to a beat very similar to that of David Bowie's The Jean Genie - though Bowie stole it from Jacques Dutronc. Now 67, Dutronc still rocks and rolls effortless. Listen to the original version from 1966, and the just released live-version. Dutronc also mentions Pere Fouettard. Read about this odd fellow here.

Jacques Dutronc - La fille du Pere Noël
Jacques Dutronc - La fille du Pere Noël (live)


Nice Guy Eddie said...

Great song! Everyone always forgets the foreign language Christmas hits! Theres a great power-pop band from France called Bijou that do a cover of this. Its on their 1977 album Danse Avec Moi.