Saturday, December 15, 2007

Let It Snow

Okay, I joined this blog last year to contribute some Japanese Christmas music, so I feel it's my duty to post some this year too.
Not that I mind :)

Here are five whispery songs about snow, to get into the seasonal spirit!

Piana - Snow Bird
Swing Slow - Yuki-ya-konko
Yoko Ono - Snow Is Falling All The Time
Kahimi Karie - Melt the Snow
Cinnamon Toast Crunch - Lord, It's Winter And Snowing Outside

(I'm not sure what yuki-ya-konko means... yuki is snow, so yuki-ya would be a snow-shop. It's a traditional children's song)

(I didn't think posting Yoko's song "Mum's Only Looking For Her Hand In The Snow" would help christmas spirits, but you can find it here)


Liv Pooleside said...

Crunchiness. Accordion. Tamborine. Nothing says Christmastime like these things.

Oh- and bells.

Crunchy, Crunchy Christmastime

Unknown said...

Melt the Snow is a cover of a Virginia Astley track from her EP of the same name. Worth seeking out!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting Cubismo's "Ave Maria" reposted this year?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these! Any chance you could post the christmas songs by Pizzicato 5 and/or Handsome Technique?