Saturday, December 15, 2007

Chrismas Past

Okay, here's a scary Christmas story for you.

It all starts with an appointment with a trained therapist:

   Pressure applied to a point on the underside of your big toe triggers vivid technicolour memories of Christmases past. A trained therapist removes your sock.
You lie back with a sigh (...) You are a little girl again...

So, here starts the memory. A young girl is on a train. It's Christmas time. It's also cold, the people in second class must really be cold. The train stops, her caretaker is asleep and a kid a little bit older askes her to come outside and play, which she does. Then the train starts moving again... She can jump onto the locomotive just in time...

   The engineer is unmistakeably Santa Claus. You inch back into the shadows, hoping he doesn't notice you. He looks deranged. But He sees you. He sees everything.

   "Feel sorry for the people in second class. Eh..?!" He booms.

   And then his laughter. His terrible booming laughter.

Peter Blegvad & John Greaves - Christmas Past