Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter in Canada

Repost from last year of a song that made my top X-Mas songs. (Even though I'm not even sure it is a Christmas song, it really has that feeling though). It's so gooood.
This year I also found a (quite different) but lovely version by French femme Mireille Mathieu. It has her sound, German sung with a French accent. Very nice!


Anonymous said...

It's not a christmas song I'm afraid. It tells the story of a love gone by in the picturesque canadian landscape ("im Haus am Erie-See" = in the house near Lake Erie). A most beautiful song, I agree with you.

Traitor Vic said...

Thanks so much for helping to make this year's Holiday Season So Merry and Bright!

I've loved each and every post. Sorry I haven't commented more but this is always a busy time for me.

Just wanted to say Thanks and Merry Christmas.