Saturday, November 18, 2017

Gaspard Royant

This guy never disappoints:


JJ Kane FRSA said...




Hi there, JJ here from Caravan Music Promotions/Kane Media.

This great song was released for the 2018 Xmas season by the writing/production team of Velinski gathering huge support and extensive plays from hundreds of local radio stations, many of them interviewing the writer Andrew Williams. Such was the media interest that the news site Essex Live ( the area where Velinski come from ) carried a special article about the song and group, followed by further interviews on BBC Radio London and London Live TV.

The song, a review by NeuFutur magazine and supporting video are at

Against the odds, as Velinski were completely unknown as well as unsigned, the song also managed to be chosen for the Radio 2 festive season shortlist receiving many positive reviews from influential producers and presenters. It just missed out on being chosen for the final playlist to the cover of A Spaceman Came Travelling but nevertheless left a huge impression on Radio 2’s decision-makers.

Having become a recognised and well admired Xmas song to the UK radio industry the opportunity is there for an established artist or group to cover and release it for the 2019 festive period. The quality and commercial prospects of the song have already been established and it can become a long-lasting and well-loved annual Xmas song in the same way as those by Slade, Wham, Wizzard etc once it is a hit for the first time.

Velinski now accepts they are unlikely to succeed in breaking into the extremely competitive Xmas market even with such a great song and are therefore offering if to established artists to take it to the level of it clearly deserves. They still own all the rights and we are authorised to negotiate a licensing deal on their behalf.

Please contact JJ Kane of Caravan Music Promotions for any other information or if you would like to discuss the prospect of one of your artists using Xmas Is A Time For Everyone this year.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts,

Kind Regards