Saturday, November 25, 2006

Jingle-Jangle by Electric Candlelight

Here's another yuletide favorite, this time coming from The King of Colchester, ex-head-Cleaner from Venus, "Britain's busiest songsmith, tunesmith and horticultural assassin" and all-round Greatest Living Englishman, Martin Newell, celebrating the "shoe-string saturnalia" of "Christmas in Suburbia", including gallons of "cheap old cherry wine" and bouts of drunken sex . . . now that's what I call Christmas!

Martin Newell - Christmas in Suburbia

PS: Read all about the man (and the Cleaners and just about everything else) in Giles Smith's excellent - and very funny - book "Lost in Music".


Anonymous said...

how true - excellent post, roy.
and giles smith's book truly is a gem. so, keep the germans covered!
- the dukester

Anonymous said...

From my fave album of his. Wish he and Andy could work together again. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. It's my fave MN album as well. And as XTC seem to have packed it in for good (in a recent interview Andy stated Colin had stopped writing altogether, and he didn't even know his current address), the getting-back-together of this dream team would be a warmly welcome alternative, indeed.