Monday, November 19, 2018

Victor Butzelaar

Amsterdam-based musician Victor Butzelaar releases two instrumental, ambient Xmas songs this year. Atmosphere-wise, think of Joep Beving and Max Richter.
Here's the first. VB writes: "As soon as Halloween is over, Osaka turns into a fairyland of Kurisumasu lights for 55 days. This Christmas ambient song is a musical interpretation of a Lost Love at Christmas Night in Osaka. And it snows, which it rarely does in Osaka!" (Wanna sneak peek of the upcoming track? Find it HERE).

Victor about his music in general: "Making music is necessary for me to express and classify my thoughts and feelings. Eventually, it is often formed naturally, and I hope that my music arouses feelings, appeals to emotions, evokes memories. I do not care at all whether you have the same thoughts as I do or if your thoughts are completely lost, that happens to me too :-)"