Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jingle Bell Rocks documentary

You're a Christmas music obsessed person, just like us. So you heard about this documentary. Next week, I will see it in Amsterdam.


Anonymous said...

I'm honored to be one of the collectors featured in the film. Hey, I even made the trailer (for a brief moment at the :28 sec mark). The director is a great guy and undoubtedly he's made a terrific documentary. I live in New York City. Unfortunately, Jingle Bell Rocks! will not be seen in the US until Nov 2014. However, a few of the collectors will travel to Toronto for a screening. It promises to be great fun! I'll check back to this site for your review. I'm sure it will contain words like "awesome" and "fantastic"!

Al A.

Anonymous said...

It was a great docu! With lots of unknown records for us Europeans.
Tomorrow I will meet director Mitchell and show him some Dutch Christmas music,