Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Covid Christmas (pt. IX)

It ain't over til it's over, more Covid-themed Christmas songs (want more? Follow the playlist, or check the blog):

Here's one for Bomarr's Wild Christmas Mix, a very odd electronic 'song' from Belgium. 'Christmas with corona', that's what Davy's singing. Just that. It's brilliant;

Davy made more Christmas songs (in Flemish), find out here

Snotty and messy, just like the virus one could say, this fired-up track by punkrock band Paper Rifles:

A lot of choirs recorded covid-themed medleys. Here's an example:

Oh this is good! Solid R&B-influenced pop, incuding sax-solo:

Sem Noa has a great voice, and she wrote a fine waltz:

According to her FB-bio, Chrystina sings 'silly songs about dumb stuff', for one minute:


Stuart Kazanow said...

The B-side to the Paper Rifles track is also highly worth checking out.