Monday, November 20, 2006

Winter in Canada

I think this song is going to be on top of my playlist in December. It's jinglicious!
Also with a (very similar) version by Danish darling Gitte


Anonymous said...

This Christmas songs idea is a really inspired one especially as it is not going to include the very sad likes of Wham etc.
Love the song but my favourite is the Gitte one mainly because she was one of the most gorgeous singers of the 60s and i have a soft spot for her.
I relish any further Christmas posts.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, one of the best German pop tunes ever (sung by an Israeli, btw). eben thouth it's not exactly a Christmas ditty, but a winter song. Which brings us straight to, er, Angel . . .?! ;)

modmom said...

how do i hear it?
the links go to a page + i don't know where to click

Dansmoncafe said...

On the top the to the right, there should be a 'download file' link.

darryl said...

hi! can you re-upload the gitte hänning song again, please please please!!

love darryl