Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Cover Up

'On this compilation we offer you a number of lesser-known existing and exciting Christmas songs. Contemporary musicians, mostly Dutch, were asked to make modern covers of these songs (...) The result is a wonderful mix of old and new songs, wrapped in a stylish 21st century cover, proving that the perfect Christmas song is timeless'. So writes Oscar Smit, aka Grandmaster O, who lovingly compiled and curated Christmas Cover Up. We never saw a Christmas comp featuring Johnny Cash next to Japanese heroes Shonen Knife next to Belgian lounge-meister Monte La Rue. More info on tracklisting et al HERE.

Petit Papa Noel was written in 1946 for Corsican actor/singer Tino Rossi. The version by singer and actress Kaat Hellings from Antwerp is a tad more sexy than the original.

Tino Rossi - Petit Papa Noel
Kaat Hellings - Petit Papa Noel


Finkel said...

Thanks for this - but I think the labels on the links are reversed.

Guuzbourg said...

You're right, how dumb. Changed it.