Monday, December 16, 2013

'Mrs. Claus' Kimono' by Drive-by Truckers

In 2006 The Drive-By Truckers wrote a slightly evil Christmas song in that typical alternative hillbilly style of theirs. Check out this first verse:
I'm a sinister elf with a sinister plan
Santa's little helper with too much time on my hands
He's got a fine lookin' wife for such an old man
I can see her lookin' at me when there is no one else around
The song ends with the elf taking off Mrs. Santa Claus' kimono. Alright. Check it out.


Aaron said...

This song actually dates back to at least 1995. Patterson Hood (lead dude from Drive-by Truckers) had a recording of it on that year's Flagpole Christmas compilation. I got it from here: