Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tiger X-mas

Danish trio Tiger Baby (the Scandinavian Stereolab) decided to put their 2004-smash This Christmas online for free download. A fantastic, six-minute long song to cuddle up to and watch snowflakes fall down. Or, this year, imagine you see snowflakes fall down. Mre free Tiger Baby songs here.

Tiger Baby - This Christmas


spikedcandy said...

I love Tiger Baby... but I'm confused about this 'Scandinavian Stereolab' business. Is that something they've been called before, or your description? I think they're nothing alike.

Lush said...

They are great. Saw them about 3 months ago in my town.

earthgoesaround said...

Yes, nice song!

There are two other songs available for download:

They sound like Club8 to me, or maybe a bit more 'clubby' like St. Etienne. I'd be interested to hear about other good Scandinavian groups, like Eggstone, Komeda...

Guuzbourg said...

Maybe it's just lazy labeling, Christine. It sounds good, don't it, 'Scandinavian Stereolab'. Ok, maybe they're more the Scandinavian Saint Etienne.

Guuzbourg said...

If it's Scandinavian music you want to hear, check out these blogs: Absolute Noise
Swedes Please
Scandinavian Sounds
Think Small

spikedcandy said...

Yeah, Saint Etienne and Club 8 are good reference points. :)
Another couple of songs here.