Friday, December 16, 2016

Bourbon Gautier will warm you right up

For some folks, the idea of hearing country music in French may be odd, but it has been part of the French Canadian tradition as far back as when music started being recorded in La Belle Province. It makes perfect sense: like average Americans, the Québecois were mostly farmers or lived in the countryside and had the same feelings towards their environment and the world at that time, but then en français and with a lot more talk of winter.

Multi-award winning Québec country artist and composer Bourbon Gautier started as a jazz drummer and eventually became a country music singer. In 1994 he became the first Québécois to participate in the Canadian Country Music Awards and has opened for big names like Kenny Rogers and Billy Ray Cyrus.

‘Sonne ta cloche’ means ‘Ring your bell’, but it does sound like he’s signing ‘Santa Claus’ and I have a feeling that’s on purpose. I chose this Christmas song because it’s jazzy and it will go great with your pre-dinner Christmas cocktail.